Joseph Collentine, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Global Languages & Cultures
Northern Arizona University

Educational Background

Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin, Hispanic Linguistics.
  Dissertation: The Development of Complex Syntax and the Selection of Mood by Foreign-Language Learners of Spanish.
Master of Arts Degree: Arizona State University, Spanish.
Bachelor of Arts Degree: Arizona State University, Spanish.

Professional Experience

Northern Arizona University

Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Portuguese, Department of Global Languages & Cultures, Fall 1995 to present.
Primary duties: Research, teaching.
Department Chair.
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters.
Interim Director, School of Art.

East Carolina University

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Editorial Duties

Associate Editor, Hispania, the Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. 

Modern Language Journal. Board member. January 2013 to 2018.

Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada/Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics (John Benjamins). Board member. January 2014 to present.

Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education (John Benjamins). Board member. January 2015 to present.

Board Member, DELTA: Documentação e Estudos em Linguística Teórica e Aplicada/Documentation and Studies in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Summer 2021 to present.

Selected Publications

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