I have been involved in web development for more than 20 years. I have developed web apps and sites with simple JavaScript+HTML+PHP, and more recently with today’s solutions such as ReactJS and the combination of vanilla JavaScript+HTML+CSS.

The full-stack technologies that I use are:


  • Database solutions, such as MySQL and SQLite
  • PHP


  • Vanilla JavaScript and ReactJS
  • HTML and Bootstrap
  • CSS

Example: Corpus research training website


🔗 Corpus search playground


This is a website that is going to be showcased in an article in the Journal of Spanish Language Teaching on which I am the co-author. It is essentially a training playground for Spanish linguists who want to learn how to study and analyze language corpora. They get a feel for conducting searches, analyzing data, and using solutions such as regular expressions. Learners can explore and study a variety of modestly sized Spanish corpora so that they can learn – in a hands-on fashion – what corpus linguistics involves. (Corpus linguistics is the study of language based on large collections of “real life” language use stored in computerized databases created for linguistic research called corpora.) Learners also get a feel for the types of numerical analysis that one employs, and the way data is typically organized and presented.

The website does not contain tutorials, but rather I use this in a graduate course as a means of simplifying and speeding up the training of future corpus linguists.

The architecture of the website is the following:

  • The modest sized corpora are stored in an SQLite database.
  • The client uses Bootstrap 5 and JQuery to provide a variety of UI options to the user.
  • Ajax sends search requests to the server.
  • PHP receives requests for searches, and returns that information to the Ajax request from the client side.